A Woman’s Guide To Sex

“My partner and I were able to have an informative read with this book. It’s light hearted enough to be understood and enjoyed by both of us.”

“Pretty decent book with looks of pictures. Helps you rediscover the woman in you! Very empowering.”

I wrote A Woman’s Guide to Sex when I was pregnant with my first son. I always found pregnancy an extremely creative time, and I wrote a book each time I was up the duff. Subsequently, there’s a LOT about pregnancy, and getting pregnant, in this book.

As well as making babies, this book is a celebration of femininity and sex, covering everything from the psychology of sex to the physical whys and wherefores. Chapters on Mind and Body and Sexual Health explore human biology from a female point of view as well as offering sensitive, impartial advice on sexual health matters. The book also covers relationships, from finding a partner to making love last, and most importantly, sex tips and techniques which describe how to enjoy really great sex. Illustrated with photographs.

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