Easy ways to remove your ex from your old social media posts, before a Googlestalking date finds them all

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With 70% of singles admitting they research all their new dates online, it’s time to remove the biggest turn-off from your social media: your ex

How 70% of us prepare for first dates

A survey earlier this year by JDP revealed that 77% of people admitted they’d researched a potential date online before meeting them. And terrifyingly, 40% of people admitted they’d cancelled a date because of what they’d discovered.

What’s the most off-putting thing people might discover about you? It’s not your political views or your terrible spelling.

It’s your ex.

When I worked with Match as their Relationship Expert, we commissioned a survey into how singles research dates. We discovered that the thing that would put a potential date off you, more than anything else, was finding a photo of you with a previous partner.

If your social media posts are full of images of you with an ex, you could be putting new people off without even realising.

Time for a clean-out.

How to remove your ex from photos

If you don’t know how to craftily crop your ex from your best shots, or you’d like to know how to convince your Mum to part with that prom photo of you and your first-ever boyfriend, click below. I’ve worked with Cartridge Save to reveal how you can expertly remove your exes from your photos.

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How to remove mentions of your ex, or your posts about them

Photos of exes are the biggest passion-killers. But the mere mention of your ex’s name could put new people off too.

Things seem more significant online than they do in person. Your social media stream should really only show things you’d be happy to reveal on a first date. So if you wouldn’t mention your ex on a first date, don’t keep mentions of them on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

How to remove your old Facebook posts that mention your ex

Use your computer for this. Open Facebook, and make sure you’re signed in.

Type your ex’s name into the search bar. MAKE SURE IT’S THE SEARCH BAR AND NOT THE STATUS UPDATE BAR! 😰Press enter.

You’ll now see a list of search options in the left-hand menu. You can search for posts you’ve made, or that someone else made and shared with you.

Either delete every post that mentions the ex, or — if you can’t bear to let go completely — set its privacy setting to “Only ME” so you’re the only one who can see it from now on.

How to remove your old tweets to an ex on Twitter

On your computer, go to Twitter’s Advanced Search page.

In the pop-up box, scroll down to “Accounts”.

In, “From these accounts”, enter your Twitter account name. (For example, I’d enter my Twitter account @lovekatetaylor here.)

In “To these accounts” and “Mentions these accounts”, fill in your ex’s account name. (I’d enter @ChanningTatum here.)

Leave the dates blank.

Click Search.

You’ll then be taken to a new page with every Tweet you ever sent mentioning your ex on it.

From there, you can delete them.

You have to delete each tweet one by one, which is a bit of a drag. And they’re presented in order from the most recent tweets to the oldest – so you have to relive your relationship from its traumatic ending right back to its hopeful beginning. Sorry about that.

How to remove all traces of your ex from Instagram

I’m no Instagram expert, being a) A wordy type, and b) Over 45. But I consulted my IT department — my teenage son, Tom — and asked him to show me how to do it.

Then I asked him to show me again, slower.

Then I practised alone, swearing, for 30 minutes, and I think I’ve got it now.

How to untag yourself from an ex’s Instagram images

On your phone, open Instagram.

Click the little square button with a face on it. You’ll see all the images you’ve been tagged in.

Click on the image to see your tag come up. Click on your name, and choose “Remove me from post”. This will untag you from the image, and hide it from your profile.

How to remove or hide your photos of your ex from your Instagram feed

Again, this is a procedure that you have to do on each image, one by painful one. Hasn’t it occurred to those Silicon Valley types that heartbroken users need quick, efficient ways to sever their exes from social media? We really need Mark Zuckerburg to be spectacularly dumped and to instigate an overhaul of all this.

But anyway:

Back on Instagram. Click on the little grid icon, so you see your wall.

Find a photo of your ex.

Click the three little buttons just above the image.

Click “Delete” if you want to remove the image completely.

Click “Archive” if you’d like to keep the image in your Instagram’s Archive folder, which only you can see.

To see photos in your Archive folder, go back to your Instagram home screen. Click the three lines in the top right corner, and click Archive. There you’ll see the Archived images.

To reinstate an Archived image, click on it, then click on the three little dots just it. Then click “Show on profile” if you’d like to add the image back to your wall. Or “Delete” if you just want it removed completely.


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