8 insecurities that are ruining your relationships

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Are you losing your grip on your partner, or just on reality? There are certain signs that you’re feeling so unhinged in your relationship that you might accidentally wreck the whole thing. Here are the clues, and how to avoid them, or fix them, before it’s too late.

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My latest feature for The Sun is out TODAY and gives you the top 8 giveaways that you’ve lost the plot in your love life, and how to get it back.

Find out the top 8 signs insecurity is ruining your relationship here

I absolutely loved writing this one, as I got to pick the brains of powerhouses Hayley Quinn (who’s basically the Stephen Hawking of relationships, and has taken over from me as Match’s Dating Expert) and Kate Mansfield.

I won’t lie, it’s tempting to drop in the odd personal question when you’ve got a genius like these on call. My interview style usually goes,

“Hi Hayley! So just a quick question. What’s are some top signs of dating insecurity? Yes, yes. Great. Oh, perfect. Thanks! Secondly, and hypothetically, if a reader’s (ahem) husband insists on watching every single game in the EURO 2020, should I, er I mean them, spend £500 getting that cherry tree I, she, wanted for the garden?”

Anyway – you go and read the feature. It’s staggeringly informative.

Read the full feature here

I’m off to sweep cherry blossom off my patio.


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