Domestic Sex Goddess

“REAL advice for couples that have been together so long that they have lost the spark. BUY IT!!! It is so different to any other sex self-help book as it looks at the roots of the problem – underlying resentment, emotional problems, stress etc, and provides REAL strategies to use. BUY IT! I cannot recommend this book enough, it really can make a difference! :-)”

I wrote Domestic Sex Goddess – the art of having it all and having it off – when my sons were tiny. I’d had a crisis of confidence as a married Mum, and I couldn’t find any books to help me. All the sex books I could find were either about long, face-stroky, candlelit tantric business, or short, sharp shags. There was nothing for someone in my position – married, with kids, but still keen to keep the passion going, if only during the baby’s mid-morning nap, dodging bits of Lego on the floor.

This book is a comprehensive guide to getting your committed sex life back on track, after marriage and motherhood knocks your sex life for six. It’s arranged around every room in the house; each one giving tips, games, techniques and positions.

Are you a domestic sex goddess?

Take my quiz to see how much you need this book.

Have you ever faked a headache?

a) No! If anything, I have a higher sex drive than my partner.

b) Once or twice, but only in dire circumstances.

c) Put it this way, my bloke’s urging me to go for an MRI scan.

Do you feel on top of things, both at home and in the relationship?

a) Quite often I’m on top of my man.

b) I feel on top of the housework, but sex – not so much.

c) I feel I’m on top of a cliff, considering jumping.

How do you feel when you meet your man at the end of the day?

a) Excited and aroused.

b) Serene and calm.

c) Annoyed – he didn’t get my message telling him not to bother coming back.

How often do you two have sex?

a) Once or twice a week.

b) Once or twice a month.

c) Once or twice a year – birthdays and Christmas.

Does he buy you romantic presents?

a) He buys sexy underwear for me.

b) He buys me jewellery and/or flowers.

c) He buys me household gadgets… No.

Scores on the bedroom doors…

Mostly A – Sex Goddess

You and your man have a passionate relationship but it might be lacking in intimacy. While he might be keen to get to grips with your body, I’m guessing your brain remains unravaged.

What you’ll get from Domestic Sex Goddess:

Suggestions of ways you can get closer outside the bedroom. Sex might be the glue that holds relationships together, but you want to be able to talk to him in the times you’re not clutching his Pritt stick; this book will help you increase your intimacy and connection.

Mostly B – Cherished Goddess

You’re calm at home because you feel in control. You’re on top of things domestically, but might be in danger of mothering your man. While it’s good to run the home efficiently, keeping tabs on your bloke might make him feel controlled and itch for some freedom.

What you’ll get from Domestic Sex Goddess:

A way to maintain serene confidence, and a slight air of lofty distance from your other half. If the thought of that frightens you, it’s a sign you need to read on. The best, and sexiest, long-term relationships are always built around some independence.

Mostly C – God Help You

Oops! It’s all gone belly up – which is probably the position you’re in when you have your annual bonk. Feelings of resentment have built up between you and your man, meaning neither of you goes out of their way to please the other. Sexy? Nope. But things can improve, and rapidly.

What you’ll get from Domestic Sex Goddess:

A chance to wipe the slate clean and start again. tHis book will change your attitude, giving you the tools to create a new relationship out of the smouldering wreckage of the old one. You’ll find lots of ways to enjoy lusty, exciting sex and bring back your feelings of love.

“This is a very sexy book. With the right man I think it’d give some good ideas. Very intimate. Wouldn’t recommend for casual sexual encounters.

I think this is a great book for a couple who wants to deepen their relationship on all levels.”

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