I don’t have a podcast, but I love being invited on to other people’s. Here are some of my favourite episodes.

How To Find Love as A Freelancer

I appeared on the (genuinely awesome) Freelance Corner podcast last year, giving my tips on how to find love as a freelancer. This is a subject very close to my introverted, hermit-like heart, as I went freelance when I was 26 and, despite the lure of the biscuit tin and the ability to shun all forms of human interaction completely, still managed to get married twice.

If you’re currently having to work from home, this podcast might give you some useful tips on how to bring new people into your locked-down world.

Listen below:

The Glow Show with Ané Auret

Ané Auret is a beauty expert now, but before that she was an AMAZING love coach. Seriously, she’s the kind of woman who could, in 5 minutes, pinpoint all your dating weaknesses or hang-ups, then give you tailored advice so warmly and helpfully that you’d feel uplifted and positive. On her podcast, we discussed the eternal question: when exactly should you have sex in a new relationship?

As you’d expect from my book Not Tonight Mr Right, I recommend a glacial pace. But actually, this podcast sparked a really interesting conversation about sex, vulnerability and keeping your personal power when you fall in love.

Listen below:

I’ve recorded more Podcasts, and I’ll update them here when they’re live.

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