Books & Courses

Online Dating Course

My 12-module, online-learning course that will teach you everything you need to know to date successfully online. Including:

How to choose the right site or app for you;
Which photos work best online;
How to spot a scammer;
The secret to writing an irresistible profile;
How to message;
How to get a 1st date, and a 2nd, and a 3rd…

Become an online-dating master here

Domestic Sex Goddess (Quadrille)

Learn the art of  “having it all and having it off” in my glossy 2011 book for Quadrille. Available in full-colour hardback, paperback, or secret e-book versions. My friendly, fun and informative book will tell you:

How to get your mojo back after having kids;
How to keep the sexy spark in a long-term relationship;
Over 100 quick sex tips to try, wherever you are;
How to see yourself as a Sex Goddess, rather than just a Girlfriend, Mum or Wife;
How to easily upgrade mundane positions into Movie Sex.

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Not Tonight, Mr Right (Penguin)

A Sex Writer telling girls to wait a while before they get naked? Yep. If you’re a woman, you just can’t have meaningless sex without getting hurt, confused, or treated insultingly casually by the men you take to bed. In my short, witty book, you’ll learn:

The biological and hormonal reasons why sex is different for girls;
How there’s a reason why men often lose interest after first-date sex;
Why men expect women to be selective about their sexual partners;
The best time to have sex;
And why men feel that delayed sex is the best sex they’ve ever had.

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Life’s Too Short for Tantric Sex (Ivy Press)

If you’re struggling to find time for your partner, learn the lost art of the Quickie. My adorably illustrated book (thanks to Sarah Young), gives fast-lane tips on foreplay, massage, kissing, oral and full sex.