12 super-subtle signs your partner is cheating on you

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In The Sun today I revealed the 12 tiniest clues that your partner might be playing away.

1. They get lazy with gifting

BECAUSE nothing says, “I’m sorry for making a mockery of our vows” like a scented candle.

Buying you gifts for no reason might be a sign your cheating partner is looking to offload guilt or keep you thinking everything is fine.

Be alert. Also, look out for other changes in their gift-buying behaviour — a partner who is usually generous might forget your birthday, or a romantic partner might stop bothering to wrap presents.

2. They listen to Kiss FM

PERHAPS their car radio was once stuck on Radio 2, but now it is always on Kiss FM. They could have a secret squeeze introducing them to new tunes.

Watch out for other sudden new tastes — in food, telly or films, or picking up random new hobbies and interests.

Infatuation will make your partner obsessed with their lover’s preferences.

3. They do their own laundry

UNFAITHFUL partners prefer to wash their own clothes. It gives them the chance to scrub out suspicious stains before you sniff out the dirty truth.

Tell them the washing machine is on the blink and offer to take their load to the laundrette, then watch the whites of their eyes widen in panic.

4. They shut their eyes during sex

ILLICIT excitement can boost a partner’s sex drive and make them want you more. But they will be distant in bed.

They might stop looking at you during sex, pretending you are their lover or reliving their last grubby grapple. They might take longer to climax.

5. They make you breakfast in bed

COMING to bed at the same time as you doesn’t give cheats time to send illicit messages, so they may well adjust their schedule.

They stay up late “just catching the end of the movie” or might get up early, whipping up some breakfast so they can secretly sext before you are up and about.

6. They accuse you of cheating

THERE are many reasons why a cheat might project their own bad behaviour on to you. For example, they might cause a row so they can storm out and visit their fling.

Or they might try to confuse you so you no longer trust your instincts — a cruel technique known as gaslighting.

They want to shift suspicion away from themselves. Whatever the reason, infidelity is playing on your partner’s mind.

If they are suddenly obsessed with cheating, it might be because they are living it.

7. They keep buying small cartons of milk

WHEN your partner keeps on nipping out for 20 minutes at a time, maybe ask yourself why.

Are they really so desperate for that pint of fresh milk — a perfect excuse because they need replacing frequently — or is it really a chance to call their lover?

If they are taking the dog for five walks a day, filling up the car with a tenner’s worth of petrol or going out for runs but not getting any fitter, I would be worried.

8. They don’t mention you on social media

A CHEAT’s social media accounts will rarely mention their partner. They either want to look like they are single or they don’t want to annoy their lover with mentions of the wife and kids.

Tag your partner in a photo of the two of you and see how they respond. If they like it and reply, this is a good sign. If they ignore it or delete it, start looking for clues in their friends lists.

9. A new device has joined your wifi

TO reduce your chances of discovering torrid texts, sneaky cheats will invest in a second phone they keep at work, in their car or stuffed somewhere such as the pocket of their gym bag.

Check your wifi router to see if any new devices have joined your network.

Watch your bank account for regular transactions at the garage or newsagent that might be your partner buying a top-up voucher.

10. They start using more cash

AFFAIRS are always expensive. Hotel stays, champagne and cans of spray cream won’t buy themselves!

So sneaky spouses will soon start being short of money. They might stop saving towards shared goals like holidays, fall behind on paying the rent or take additional shifts at work with no extra dosh to show for it.

Or they will withdraw cash more often so you don’t see telltale transactions on bank statements. They might even get a secret credit card.

11. You lose your nail scissors

EVERY inch of a cheat’s body will be groomed, manscaped, plucked, waxed or fake-tanned because they know it will be seen. So don’t be surprised if your nail scissors oddly go missing.

Also, watch out for frequent trips to the salon if they haven’t bothered preening themselves before.

12. Their friends give you the cold shoulder

ARE your partner’s friends and colleagues giving you a wide, awkward berth?

It might be because they know your partner is up to no good and they are scared of letting it slip.

Guilt forces cheats to confide in people and rely on them for alibis. So a sudden cold-shouldering could be a sign.

This piece was originally published in The Sun newspaper.

Have you ever discovered a partner was having an affair? How did you find out?

Let me know in the comments (and have a big hug).


Kate Taylor


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