Shagvent: Christmas Eve

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It’s the last day of #Shagvent! Thanks so much for joining in with my festive filth, and I hope you’ve found some new ways of reconnecting and getting closer to your partner.

Today’s tip is all about learning what each other’s favourite things are in bed. If you’re chosen as Nice, be sure to tell your partner exactly what you want as your reward. Be specific. Knowing how to REALLY satisfy you is the greatest Christmas gift you could give your partner. (Aside from a PS5.)

If you’re Naughty, enjoy the thrills of some consensual pain-play. Establish a Safe Word first, and be sure to explore carefully. If it’s really not your thing, find another fun way to express your Bad Self, like maybe just cleaning the bath naked.

I wish you the best, and hottest Christmas ever. I haven’t included a tip for tomorrow, because most couples are usually too busy, tired, or just plain drunk to get up to much on the Big Day. If you DO find yourselves with time for a fumble, that’s awesome! I plan to spend the day with a bottle of trifle-flavoured liqueur in my mouth at all times, but you crack on.

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Bye for now!


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