Shagvent: December 17th

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It’s Day 17 of #Shagvent and we’re talking about going under. Does oral sex work for you? A 2018 study discovered 53% of women orgasm through receiving oral sex (compared to 15% through penetration) – but that’s still almost half of women who don’t.

If you’re finding the Earth remains unmoved no matter who does what to your downstairs, try these tips:

  • Adopt a new position. The standard “lie back and think of England” position puts your partner at an awkward angle to reach your bits, meaning their technique will be cramped or rushed. Try slipping a pillow or a foam wedge under your bum, or use the Kivin Method shown here, where your partner tackles you side on.
  • Take away the time pressure. If you start feeling guilty after 10 unclimactic minutes, please relax. It takes women an average of 13 minutes to orgasm, so you’re not unusual if you could sing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” four times before you hit your own high note. Again, adopt a position that’s comfy for both of you, to at least relieve some guilt.
  • Make sure you’re in the mood first. We talked about natural ways to boost your mojo earlier in #Shagvent, so try those tips if your fanjo has flatlined. Otherwise, spend the day thinking about sex, to ensure you’re aroused and less likely to get distracted.

Have fun! See you at 7am tomorrow for Day 18.


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