Shagvent: December 18th

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It’s Day 18 of #Shagvent, and with less than a week to go I’ve focussed on making your romps more romantic.

Maintaining eye contact during sex is RED HOT. But for some of us, it feels almost terrifyingly intimate. We know men love eye contact – that gasp he lets out when you look up at him during a BJ is all the proof you need – but sometimes women shy away. We’re often so easily distracted during sex, with busy brains that refuse to shut up, that we keep our eyes closed to help us concentrate.

But we’re missing a trick if we do that. Keeping your eyes closed shuts out your partner, and it stops you creating that feeling of being the only two people in the world at that moment. It also lowers the amount of Oxytocin your brain releases during sex. Oxytocin is the most powerful hormone your body has for boosting affection, increasing trust, and lowering the irritation you feel when he stacks the dishwasher all wrong.

Try it! I promise you’ll be surprised by how hot it is.

See you – wide-eyed – tomorrow at 7am for Day 19.


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