Shagvent: December 22nd

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Day 22 of #Shagvent. And today’s tip is a filthy habit you should definitely take into 2021.

If you’re like most couples, you expect to have bed-breaking bonks spontaneously, like you did when you first met. But later on, it just won’t happen. Your days are already filled with work, kids, de-fleaing the cat, flipping the mattress (not in a sexy way)… Left unplanned, sex will become something you fit in between defrosting the freezer and trimming the hedge.

So instead, try booking in bonks. Try it once. Coordinate your calendars, and just plan in a few moments of madness. Once you’ve experienced the thrill of anticipation (and the joy of never being caught with your legs sporting 6 weeks of hair), you’ll never go back to leaving sex 100% to chance.

See you tomorrow! Only two more days to go.

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