Shagvent: December 23rd

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It’s #Shagvent, Day 23! As we’re allowed in England to mix in our Christmas Bubbles from today, I’m focussing on the health-benefits of orgasms.

Orgasms are great for your body. They lower cortisol, improve your heart’s health, lower depression and keep your bits in working order during menopause. But did you know they’re also good at fighting off infection? Well, they are – especially in the morning.

Many women find their sex drive is low in the morning. (Men are the opposite, with a 7am surge of testosterone that makes them frisky the minute they wake up). If that’s you, I urge you to try a morning orgasm. Just once. For me? There are other good points about a dawn tussle: it lowers your daily stress levels, reduces your chances of having a migraine, and best of all, nobody has time for fancy-schmancy Tantric business before work, so you can relax into a good old quickie.

So, hook up for your health. And I’ll see you tomorrow at 7am (although you have my permission to be late if you’re humping) for the final #Shagvent.

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