Shagvent: December 3rd

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It’s Day 3 of #Shagvent and we’re turning up the heat just a notch.

Today’s tip is an easy way to break you out of any romping ruts you’ve accidentally fallen into. Over the course of a steady, happy relationship, couples learn each other’s turn-ons and often repeat those moves every time. (It’s not a sign you’re lazy or dull – it’s natural.)

But it kills your arousal over time because Dopamine – one of our brain’s most important chemicals for love and excitement – is released more when we’re doing new, novel activities. So the first time your partner does that thing with the rolling pin, you are HOT for it. But the 30th time? Nah.

So this tip is a simple way to find some new moves to try on each other.

See you at 7am tomorrow for Day 4!


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