Shagvent: December 12th

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It’s Day 12 of #Shagvent, and you don’t need a partner for this one. In fact, he might just get in the way, so send him out on a random Christmas errand, and surround yourself with all your battery-operated boyfriends.

Having more than one climax isn’t impossible. In fact, women are built to do it, as we don’t have a “refractory period” – the time after a climax where we can’t do anything except lie there and whimper. If you want to try for a multiple, use a toy and keep mixing the stimulation up between inside and outside your bits. As soon as you’ve had one, keep going. The next one should be along in a minute.

Good luck! I’ll see you at 7am tomorrow for Day 13.


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  1. 12th December 2020 / 10:20 am

    Wish You All The Best In 2021!

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