Shagvent: December 13th

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It’s Day 13 in the #Shagvent kitchen (or bedroom, or wherever you’re performing these festive frolics), and we’re embarking on a tasty road-trip.

Bringing food into bed is something we all do when we’re young and in love, but fast-forward 20 years and we’re suddenly all, “MIND MY FLANNELETTE!”

Today, bring back your youth by annointing yourself with flavoured things, and letting your beloved sample them. What works best? Honey is good, or chocolate syrup (remember Day 7), brandy, strawberry jam, Branston… It really doesn’t matter. By the time he’s licked you clean of your first coating of HP Sauce, you’ll both be on to more frenzied fun.

Enjoy your taste tour! See you tomorrow at 7am for Day 14.


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