Shagvent: December 15th

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It’s Day 15 of #Shagvent, and today’s tip isn’t for the faint of heart (literally – this isn’t safe for people with pacemakers).

E-Stim is the latest craze to create sexy sensations in your bits, or your partner’s. But be safe and ONLY BUY A PROPER DEVICE. Using home-made E-Stims has proved fatal.

If this all feels like just a daft way to run up your electricity bill, try a less edgy way to introduce a tiny bit of pain into your pleasure. Like, a nipple clamp, a paddle (for spanking), or just bite each other. Pain releases endorphins which can increase your arousal.

Stay safe, and see you tomorrow for Day 16, 7am. (Now stop eyeing up that multiplug.)


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