The Good Orgasm Guide

“One of the best books for women and men to understand how a woman’s body works. I give this as a gift all the time! You may THINK you know it all, but trust me you can learn something from this book. Humorous, well written, and very accurate info. Lots of options, ideas etc. Not everyone’s body works exactly the same, but this is one book for EVERYONE.”

“I have purchased this book 3 times now. One for each of my girls as they become sexually curious. This book helped open conversation to a much deeper level.”

The Good Orgasm Guide is the first book I ever wrote. It’s a light-hearted, but factual, guide on boosting your orgasms. Or, as the publisher put it: “The ultimate guide to orgasm heaven! Earth-shattering orgasms, unending ripples of pleasure, hours of rapture broken only for a quick drink or shower… We’ve all heard about it, but how many of us actually achieve it? Help yourself to amazing orgasms with the definitive guide to reaching your orgasmic potential. It’s packed with practical information and hot tips and quotes from real women. From the dedicated beginner to the experienced orgasmee, the book takes you on a journey of discovery – learn about the health giving benefits of orgasms, the ins and outs of orgasming with your partner, the joys of tantric sex and the piece de resistance THE SIMULTANEOUS ORGASM. Witty, warm, titillating and informative, it’s a must read for women of the new millennium who like to please themselves.”

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